Thursday, September 06, 2018

9.6.18 that took a while!

LOL... said I'd be back but since no one reads this it's no like it matters.  been trading with Steve Philips and he is awesome!  Good guy... also using Hawkeye Software... also good stuff!

Trader X

Friday, December 09, 2016

12.9.16 im back soon

will be back in Jan with lots of new stuff to add.... not that anyone is out there... which is part of the fun I suppose... keeping my thoughts and ideas to myself!  LOL

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Thursday, December 03, 2015

12/3/15 journal entry

So today was good and bad.... had one trade on ES.  Took a short.

Short ES 2048.13 ave for two.  moved two points in my favor... so moved stop to BE.  Market stopped and bounced a little and I did what I normally did... instead of waiting it out I just exit and made one point on two contracts...

Of course after I do this the market continues to drop to my first tgt of 44 and further to 41.75 and is now retracing back 50% and dropping again.

In other words I left a lot of money on the table because I can't grow a pair!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Holy Fuck....

I did not realize it had been two fucking years since I had posted here..... that just doesn't seem right.  Some things are going to change around here.  Some things have to change around here.  Holy shitting fucking shit fuck.

Trader X

always seems darkest just before dawn.......

sorry so long...
I'm back testing three trading ideas before next week.  No trading until then according to my plan.  looking at a simple overnight bond trade... a simple 50% retrace bond trade and looking at a simple tick extreme trade on ES or YM.

Will let you know more later... by Sunday... I'm also challenging myself to post here daily results as an account to be responsible too.  Since no one reads this it is all about me.  And it is all about me.  Specifically... all about me following a trading plan.

Trader X!

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

10.1.13 journal

no trades yesterday... going to do things a little different today

did my usual support and resistance and had 2 trades.....
915, short 8025 out 7875
forensics were we approached the double top but with less much less volume and divergence.

935 short 8675 out 86.  This was a first touch trade from yesterday highs... market did enough of a retrace for me to take profit and set running to break even... runner was taken out as market continued to rally

Monday, September 30, 2013

9.30.13 journal.....

r2 03

prev hi 9750
r1 95 yes hi 9550

pp 87

vah 86 prevlo 86

poc 84

val 8250

yeslo 80
s1 79

ghi 76

s2 72

glo 71

Friday, September 27, 2013

9.27.13 Journal

TGIF!  Been a long week but one where I've learned what I need to do to stay profitable... and it's this and forensics!

r2 04

r1 98
yhi 9750
prevhi 95

Vah 93
PP 92

poc 89

val 88

s1 86 ylo 86
prevlo8450 ws1 8450

s2 80

Euro short at 1.35456.  hit resistance, and bounced... each wave has been weaker both in time and price.  Had divergence on Osc, and weakness on bar chart on 5 min.  So strength came back in after some weakness and took me out with a minor loss.  Followed rules, just didn't work.

es opened below value and hit s2 just a few mins after 9.  Its rebounding now.

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